UK ONLY at present - sorry, I hopeto have ETSY set up soon for international shipping rates, or email me matt at mustgetoutmore dot com to discuss.

Feline Fine Enamel Pin

Feline Fine Enamel Pin

Antique silver with black infill, 35mm tall, looks like a cat, as you can see.

Price: £7 inc postage - yum!
Sent UK Second Class Postage

Cat Stickers

Cat Sticker Pack

Triple Set of Cat Stickers, Big, Laminated for long lastingness, cute. Just about 95mm high
- Triple Pack - One Of Each Character; Lovely Cat, BBC Cat & Joss

Price: £3.50 inc postage!
Sent UK Second Class Postage

Beans Club Mug #1 - They're here, I've not put them on sale yet - no idea why - I've had them for months!

BIIIG Mug, featuring "The Krays" - can hold 428ml, I told you it was big!

Beand Club #1 Mighty Mug

Price: £13.50 inc postage!
Sent UK Second Class Postage

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